My story with color horses began in 1997 with the meeting of who would become one of the great stories of my life my stallion :Goldenfields silver fame .
He was in France last year when I purchased . He was 5 years old and had just ridden .
At that time I had no breeding project , but we seemed appropriate for a horse as Golden can leave a trace behind him, and that other people may one day have such a horse.
We selected 2 and 3 Purebred arab mare , and it was the beginning of a breeding Arabian horses of color.

To date our breeding continues to grow each year are selected and kept for future stallions as well as future broodmares and new external origins come regularly expand the herd. We generate 6 to 8 foals per year.

It was later that the black is built into the program and then as the black is not really a color we decided to put some fancy pointing sabino …

Our first goal is to produce Part Bred Arab Palomino , cremello , closest to the purebred arab, because of its % , type, model , its showy … and of course with the greatest criteria in my eyes and for my clients , the mind without which all others would have no interest

Nos services

L'élevage propose des pensions poulinage avec le suivit de votre jument gestante, ainsi qu'un accompagnement pour l'éducation du poulain....
Nos étalons sont chaque année disponibles a la monte pour les juments exterieurs .

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